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AFO Ankle Foot OrthosisCuboid Lock LI

Custom Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

The Cuboid Lock LI AFO offers superior long term control. The LI's unique design reduces lateral malleolar pressure while the "I" strap controls external tibial rotation and supination, offering superior control.

Suggested DME LCODES:

L1970 custom articulated AFO

L2820 soft interface

L2270 "I" strap

* other codes may apply

Disclaimer:Each prescribing practitioner should contact his/her local insurance carrier or Medicare office to verify billing codes, regulations, guidelines and fees relevant to their geographic location.

NEW optional Lateral Window

Cuboid Lock  LI

Lateral Instability

Use your preferred AFO measurement technique or your preferred foot impression technique and measure the calf circumference at the 10" level.