Step Smart Drop Foot Testimonials

"With the old AFO design, walking was so tiresome that I was content falling on my face rather than use it. I love the Step-Smart Brace because it better mimics the natural ankle motions during walking. I use it all day long"

Dr. Walter Keller, Vascular Surgeon, Portland, Maine

Learning to Live with limitations at age 32 has been difficualt to say the least. I have "drop Foot" in both legs and have been dependant on AFO's for the past 5 years. I have tried numerous braces and visited with many specialists to find then one brace that would provide support and still be comfortable enough to wear everyday. After looking around the Internet I found the "Step-Smart" brace. After getting more information I found that the braces were exactly what I was looking for and I was fitted for them and placed an order. A few weeks later I received the braces and they were a perfect fit, more importantly they allowed me to walk better! I have never worn a brace with such a low profile that performs so well. "Step-Smart" has given me the comfort, freedom, and support I need to live with drop foot in both legs. I would recommend "Step-Smart" to any person who suffers from drop foot and still wishes to lead an active life. I will thank the members of Insightful Products for their innovation every step I take for the rest of my life."

Michael Childs, Greensboro, NC

"I just wanted to write to you to thank you for creating a product that has changed my life. In September 2004, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me paralyzed below the knee of my left leg. My surgeon suggested I use a molded AFO. Not only was it uncomfortable and restrictive, but it was practically impossible to find an appealing shoe in size 13 EEEE. I saw your website and inquired about your Step-Smart device. I must admit I was a bit skeptical. You referred me to a nearby orthotist who made a cast of my lower leg and ordered your product. Immediately after putting it on for the first time, I knew it would work. Now, two months later, I can say that I hardly ever take it off. I prefer wearing it. My friends and family are amazed at how well I walk no limp at all!

I would recommend the Smart-Step to ANYONE suffering from foot drop. I am a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry and am often on my feet all day walking around company sites. My customers don't even realize that I have a disability. Well, I guess the reality is that I DON'T. Not since I began using this product. Thank you so much. Please share my experience with others as it is truly a life-saver!"

Brent Linton